Web or Website Development is an activity associated with development of a website for both Internet and Intranet. The range of development varies from simplest to most complex web infrastructures. This process may incubate development of web engineering, web design, content development for website and commercial transactions. This peripherally includes writing mark ups and coding being a classification of development of websites. Nowadays the most prolific activity undertaken in this reference is Content Management System or CMS. However these methodologies tend to follow some Agile frameworks for bigger scales of operations.
The development of Websites can take 3 Shapes:-

  • Front End Development
  • Backend Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Front End Development consists of visualising and design of the associated website.
  • Backend Development is responsible for functioning and processing of the complete website as per the day to day operations. The collection of data is one of the activities undertaken as a primary function.
  • Full Stack Development is associated with all the collaborated functions of both front and Backend Developers.

Nowadays people specialised into MONGODB and NODE- JS are peripherally specialised into this website development as one of the main functionalities and are in demand at its highest.
Pre requisites for Website Development

  • Having stable mobile response
  • Good Knowledge of Graphic and Web Design
  • Consolidated informational architecture.
  • Accessibility and utilisation of web based services.
  • Proper Testing channels and modes of systematic evaluation of the current and upcoming anticipated status of the Website.

Procession of Website Development

  • Collection of relevant data sets and information that might consist of Basic goals, Motive and the associated Target Audience.
  • Systemising, Planning , Sitemapping and creation of wireframe.
  • Designing the Web contents like Layout of the page, reviewing and determining and getting approvals for cycle.
  • Writing content and coding analysis as per the requirement.
  • It all ends with Testing, Reviewing and launch.
  • There has to be a continued Monitoring for the same that includes Opinion Monitoring and regular updation.